I get it. You might not have done this before and are a little nervous. What do I do? How do I prepare? What do I bring?
If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together some tips and recommendations on how to prepare for your session. If you’re still unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! I’m with you every step of the way :)



  • Drink more water! You might be thinking, what the heck? But, drinking a ton of water leading up to your session will help give your skin an extra healthy glow. It really works wonders :)

  • Moisturize your skin. If you’re prone to dry skin (especially in the winter months), make sure you moisturize beforehand. No need to go overboard, just give your skin some moisture.

  • Get a good sleep! Makeup works wonders, but it still won’t be able to hide tiredness. Make sure you head to bed relatively early and get a good nights rest the night before your session. You want to feel as rested as you possibly can.

  • Don’t do anything drastic. Meaning, if you’ve never had a spray tan before.. it might not be the best idea to try one the day before your session. Same goes for waxing, haircuts, facial treatments etc. Play it safe if you’re unfamiliar with how your skin will react.

  • Wear loose clothing to your session. This is super important! Make sure you aren’t wearing anything too tight leading up to your session. Jeans, bras, sweaters… anything tight that might leave imprints on you. It definitely will show up in the photos, and no one wants jean lines going down their legs in photos. Bring those sweatpants girl, we’re grubbing it out.

  • Manicure/Pedicure. Totally your own personal preference, but if you are planning on getting your nails done, try to get it done as close to the session as possible to avoid any nail growth in photos :)

  • Practice at home! Use your mirror and work those angles at home girl. Get familiar with posing, facial expressions, and what YOU feel most comfortable in. Try on your outfits and make sure you feel 100% comfortable in what you’re bringing.

  • Shave the day before. In case you get any razor burn/irritation, it’s always wise to shave the day before just in case.

  • Don’t overthink. I will guide you through the session and work the most flattering angles. It’s normal to feel nervous, but try not to overthink it. Even if you’re doing this as a gift for your significant other, this session is ABOUT YOU, and only you. It’s an experience for you, so enjoy every minute of it.



Remember that sexy doesn’t necessarily mean nude or minimal clothing. There are so many variations of outfits and it all boils down to what you feel confident in. Here’s some tips on what to bring to your session.

TIP #1


Lingerie should not feel 'comfy'. You're not buying sweat pants. You're buying a tiny, sexy, lacey thing. 

If your lingerie isn't tight to your skin, it can create weird shapes during certain poses by folding and wrinkling. I do not recommend baby doll lingerie. A lot of women like it because it hides your stomach, but I promise, bodysuits and high waist undies do it better. Baby doll lingerie can add unwanted shaping in photos.

Try This: Pull 2 sizes. One you think you would normally wear and the next size smaller. Take a quick selfie in the mirror and compare the two swiping back and forth. Choose the more fitted one!

tip #2


Darker skin tones look good in lighter colors and paler skin tones look good in darker colors. It creates contrast in your photos. Not to say the opposite because black looks good on everyone, but pay attention when trying on outfits. If white or blush pink washes you out, don't buy it. 

Try This: If you're unsure, bring a good variety to your shoot. Keep the tags on and return what you don't wear. I will help you choose the best pieces for your session!


tip #3


Stick to neutral toned pieces for your photos: black, cream, white. This will keep the focus in your photos on your face and body and they'll be sure to mesh well with the setting for your shoot. Dark colors such as deep red, navy, emerald green photograph well too. 

Try This: Bring a light piece, dark piece, and a colored piece to your shoot to create a bigger variety in your images. 

TIP #4


Boudoir is all about embracing and loving your whole self so why choose pieces that cover you up? Your photos will remain private unless you give signed permission allowing them to be shared so there's no reason to feel shy about how much skin you're showing.

Try This: Bring at least ONE thong whether it's a 2 piece set or a bodysuit with a thong. Trust me. I can make any booty look amazing.


tip #5


Bodysuits with high cut thighs make your legs look longer and your booty look rounder. Undies can simply be pulled up at an angle to create this effect. Cheeky panties always make the booty look rounder. Boyshort cuts create the opposite effect.

Try This: Check to see if the bottom sides of the bodysuit lays on your waist. If it lays on your hips, that is a lower cut and won't have the same effect.

tip #6


Photos with an oversized sweater or t-shirt with basic undies and thigh high socks is a super cute look! It can start out the shoot in an easy way because you're more covered and comfortable.


  • Make a playlist! If you have Spotify or something similar, make a playlist with all of your favourite upbeat music. Anything to get you pumped and ready for the session. If Beyonce brings out your inner goddess, UNLEASH THE BEYONCE. Everyone has different music tastes and what I listen to might not be what you enjoy. So, I encourage everyone to make their own music playlist and we can bluetooth it to the speakers.

  • Simplicity in white sheets. If we’re shooting in your home, put white sheets on your bed. They help make your room brighter and more inviting.

  • Some stockings or knee high socks are super cute, feel free to bring a pair!

  • Although I prefer to do most of my sessions barefoot, you’re welcome to bring high heels or shoes that you’d like photographed. I find sometimes high heels can give off a tacky boudoir vibe, so 9/10 times I prefer clients to go barefoot. But if heels are your thing - bring em!

  • Veil. If you’re doing this as a gift for your significant other, and it’s more of a “bridal boudoir” session, bring a veil! Make sure it’s relatively see-through so we can work it into a few different poses. It’s a super cute way to make your boudoir session geared more towards a wedding gift. Also, if you’re doing a bridal boudoir session, bring some white lingerie! White lingerie mixed with a veil is so beautiful.

  • Something that belongs to your significant other. Again, if it’s a gift for someone, bring something they’d like! Are they into anything in specific? You know them best. We can throw in a fun picture geared towards what they like.

  • A drink, or a few! If you’re someone who prefers to have a glass of champagne or wine before your session to loosen up the nerves, bring it! If it’s a boudoir marathon, I’ll probably have some on hand.

  • Hair/Makeup touch up. If you got your makeup done professionally, ask for some lipstick to touch up with. Especially if you plan on having some drinks (even water), it’ll rub off. Always good to have some essentials on hand just in case.

  • A few outfits. Bring a few outfits with you so we have variety, and you can decide what you’re most drawn to wear. Options ladies, options!

  • Payment. If you have any outstanding balances, please be prepared to pay the remainder on the day-of prior to the start of the session. This includes e-transfer, cheque or cash. Let me know if you need a reminder of the remaining balance!

  • Smiles! Bring your smile! I want this to be SO much fun for you. We’ll be laughing and hanging out, you might even forget you’re on a photo shoot. Come relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself - because you will :)

That’s it! I’m so glad you’re taking the leap and doing this for yourself. I can’t wait to share these images with you! See you soon!

xo Katie