what can we expect to invest for your services?

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than arriving, taking photos, and leaving. There's planning, communication, editing, styling, and a ton of other things behind the scenes. For this reason, I only accept a certain number of weddings each year - to ensure my clients receive the best service possible with my full attention. Wedding packages begin at $2500, but majority of my wedding clients spend between $3500-4500 on average. Family, lifestyle and couples sessions range anywhere from $350-450 depending on the services provided. 


what can we expect when working with you?

Super fun times. Seriously. I've been told I have a gift of instantly making people feel comfortable during sessions - which I strive for. I'll make you laugh, tell some stories, listen to some of your stories, and adventure around the city. Most times, it won't even feel like a photo shoot - more like hanging out with an old friend. I'll throw on some of your favourite songs to ease the nerves , and we'll just have fun with it. You'll see I'm a SUPER down to earth girl, who loves snacks way too much, still listens to pop-punk throwbacks daily, obsessed with sloths and definitely not afraid to embarrass myself when needed. I can take a joke and make some pretty great ones too. I will direct you, but not "pose" you. By directing you, you focus on the task at hand - rather than over posing yourself for the shots. That's how I grab natural candid moments. Most photographers strive for the perfect pose - I strive to get the millisecond in-between. 


Where are you based out of? will you travel?

Born and raised, and currently reside in Hamilton, Ontario. (#HamOnt!) I know the City pretty well and can give some great suggestions on cool spots in the area. 
I absolutely will travel - and welcome all types of inquiries! For engagement/lifestyle/family sessions, I prefer to stay in Hamilton where I know the area. But, for any wedding or event - the sky is the limit :) I offer destination wedding packages as well, ask me about it! 


what's the booking process?

For regular sessions, I ask for a small deposit to book + secure our time together. The remaining balance of the shoot will be due on the day-of. A client agreement is signed at the time of booking as well. For weddings, the process is a little different. We'll meet in person and go over all the important details of your day. If you feel we're a perfect fit - I'll get you to sign the wedding contract and pay a retainer to book + secure your date. Normally, the required retainer fee is 30% of your chosen package. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding. That's it! 


how do we receive our images, how long will it take?

For regular sessions, you'll receive your final images delivered in an online gallery. An email will be sent with a link to the gallery and how to download. The gallery is only available for 6 months, so I encourage that you back up your images to preserve them. For weddings, depending on your package you may receive a USB in addition to an online gallery. If your package has the USB option, that will usually be mailed out within a few months of delivering your gallery. You will however, receive your online gallery as soon as it's ready - via email. 

Lifestyle/Family/Engagement sessions can expect to receive their gallery anywhere from 4-8 weeks, and Weddings can expect to receive final galleries within 8-10 weeks. But, don't worry. I send a TON of sneak peeks within 48 hours, so you'll have a bunch right away. 


why are turnaround times longer?

Simply put - I hand edit every single image delivered. If you receive 1000 images in your wedding gallery, I edited every single one of those images individually.! I take extreme pride in my editing process and have trained my eye to get my images to look a certain way. By keeping on track with delivering consistent aesthetics as shown in my portfolio - I give my full attention to detail to every single one of my sessions. With this approach, I trust in my process enough that every image delivered to you has been hand crafted with love, and represents KMP as a brand. Quality AND quantity - always.


will you personally be editing the images?

Yes, yes and yes! Always. I personally edit every single photograph that is sent to you and do not outsource editing to third-party vendors. Unlike some photographers who mass produce weddings and send them off to be edited off site - I keep my bookings capped at a certain number per year, so I'm able to edit each wedding myself. If your package includes a second shooter - they are simply another set of hands for me on the day-of. They hand over their memory cards at the end of the day, and I will edit all of their photos too. Which means, your gallery will be consistent in editing - as they are all edited by myself. 


how far in advance should we reserve our wedding date?

As SOON as booking opens for your year. I can't stress this enough! I book on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meaning, I could get 10 inquiries for the same date, but the first client that's able to sign + send the deposit gets the date. I absolutely hate turning away clients, especially when I'm already booked for their date. By getting in touch super early, you can ensure you get the date you want. I do not hold dates without a retainer. 

Pro Tip: Touch base with your preferred vendors BEFORE you book your venue! Imagine having your heart set on a specific makeup artist, hair stylist, cake company, catering company and photographer - only to find out none of us are available on your wedding date. At this point, you've probably already booked your venue and signed a contract to lock in that date. By touching base with me first, I'd be MORE than happy to list off a few weekends/dates that I'm available - before you head off to the venue booking appointment. Then, you can see when they are free, and line it up to some dates I'm free - and BAM! No disappointed brides, and you've secured the vendors you always wanted. 


do you deliver raw images?

No. I do not give out RAW/original/unedited files. All images are post-processed and delivered in high resolution JPEG. 


do you work with preferred vendors?

Absolutely! I love connecting and meeting other vendors in the area. I have a list of companies I've worked with in the past, and would love to work with again in the future. I'd be more than happy to send you some recommendations. 


do you offer wedding videography?

At this current time, no. But I do have a few teams I work with frequently and would recommend 100%. I can send you over some info! 


do you offer albums + print products?

Yes! This is new for 2018-2019. I just started offering albums and prints that can be purchased in addition to any regular sessions, or wedding package. They are available a-la-carte style and you can customize to suit your needs. Pricing is set to be released in October 2018. 


why do you love sloths so much?

They are my heart + soul. I am obsessed. I cried in the movie theater watching Zootopia when the Sloth came on the screen. There I was - at the time, 23 years old... bawling hysterically in the movie theater - surrounded by children. Not a care in the world. I just love them with every fiber of my being. Their squishy face, how slow they move, how they always look like they're happy.. everything. I just love everything about them. 


can we expect to be friends after?

Friend, is that even a question? Absolutely, undeniably, without question - YES. I can't wait to meet you.