Timeless Keepsakes.

Digital Images are great, but nothing beats having a heirloom product to hold onto forever. Let's face it, digital images get lost. Computers crash, hard drives will eventually fill up, and unless you're planning on printing them off yourself (which let's be honest, most busy brides don't get around to), I'm here to do all the hard work for you. 

Simply order your products, and cash out. I will put together your album + prints with some of your favourite shots from the session. It will get shipped right to your doorstep, and you'll have something to cherish in your family forever. 


But Katie, I can print these off at Costco. 

Why yes, yes you can! But the old saying stands true, "you get what you pay for". I've been working on my heirloom collection for over a year now, purchasing various products from companies all across the country to find the absolute best materials I could provide to my clients.

Your orders will be printed on archival-quality papers, which truly do stand the test of time. I also order through companies that are exclusive to photographers, and not available to the general public. Basically, in easier terms, these companies are created and run by photographers who know the best settings and finishes to get the highest quality results out of your images. They will be uploaded in the right colour profiles to ensure your prints come out exactly as they look on screen.  Whereas, when you take your photos to Costco or Walmart to get printed, sometimes they come out flat, dull and wonky. If you don't know the proper settings needed to print a high quality image, it can easily get compressed - resulting in the wonky print. 

So, as a photographer I've trained my eye to know the tones of my images. And if this is something you're going to be hanging on a wall, or creating an album with, you'd want it to reflect the original colours as much as possible. But if you want the oompa-loompa skin tones, by all means hit your dudes up at Walmart. 

It's just an option I like to give to my clients. It'll save you lots of time, and you'll be getting high quality lab products to pass down to future generations. Plus, delivered right to your doorstep. Can't go wrong. 



..And what's the cost? 

Weddings and events are costly, I get it. I'm on your side guys, I see how much money goes into the big day. So I've worked tirelessly to create a price sheet that can appeal to everyone, no matter your budget. I have some affordable products, along with some higher end products, to fit everyone's specific needs. 

And it's put together in this cute little store. Online shopping addicts - REJOICE! 



Come see for yourself.