Brittany + Brandon // Spice Factory Wedding in Hamilton, Ontario

Another one of my favourite throwbacks from last year! Bare with me while I catch up on endless blogs. 

This wedding was very special to me. This was the first wedding that I got to work alongside my father for. Yes, my dad! For those who don't know, my dad DJ's weddings as a part-time gig. He's been DJ'ing weddings for 30 years now, and knows the ins and outs of practically every venue in the greater Hamilton area. It helps having someone in the industry to show me the ropes. I can always come to him with questions for venues I've never shot at before. 

I also shot this wedding completely on my own, no second shooter. Not only was I proud of my own images, but it was so cool to have my dad along for the last half. This was a pivotal moment when I realized, hey, this wedding stuff runs in the family and I'm carrying on the tradition. Sweet. Silva's are awesome. 

Brittany and Brandon have been together for years, and have one of those fairytale romances we all dream of. I'm so glad I got to know them over this last year during the planning process. They have a beautiful love story and I've grown attached to their families from shooting both the bridal shower and the wedding. 

Also, the Spice Factory is by far one of my favourite venues in Hamilton. It's so cozy, and right up my alley (style-wise). Give me those exposed brick walls any day, and Katie's happy. 

Also, also. If you're looking for an experienced wedding DJ that knows his shiz, give my dad John a call! Silva's Disc Jockey Services - (905) 575-8577. Shameless family business plug. Sorry guys. 

(note: photos have been compressed to speed up the blog, quality may be a tad distorted)