Iliana + Srdjan // Intimate Toronto Distillery District Wedding // Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Back when I started getting into wedding photography, I would second shoot to gain experience. Second shooting is both weird, and exciting. Weird because you don't get to interact with the couple prior to the wedding, you kind of just, show up, and shoot the biggest day of their life. But exciting because, well, it's a wedding. Weddings are fricken' awesome. 

As a wedding photographer myself, one of the most important aspects of wedding photography is building a relationship with your clients, from meetings and getting to know them on a person level, and keeping in touch leading up to the big day. That's the part I really missed when I was second shooting.

The busier I got in my own business and the more of my own weddings I was booking, the less I was able to second shoot. My free weekends became seldom, but I managed to squeeze a few weddings here and there to help out a friend if needed.

This wedding was one of those days. Iliana & Srdjan were the ultimate coolest couple ever, and one of the most unique weddings I've shot yet. They rented out Balzacs in the Toronto Distillery District and had the ceremony/reception there. It was dreamy as 'heck inside and Rob and I had a blast shooting these. We felt like kids in a candy store. The distillery is such a great spot for photos. 

We did a First Look outside in the middle of the Distillery, right beside the clock tower. We thought it would be a cool idea to document the time he saw his Bride for the first time. Also, that cobble stone street gives me life. 

Enjoy some of my favourite shots from their wedding. Second shooting for Rob Anzit.