Stephanie + Drew // Burlington Ontario Engagement Session

So I’m currently exporting a ton of wedding images, which means I had an hour to kill. So - figured I’d curate another blog post with another great session this summer. I’m always behind on blogs so bare with me - but I just love these guys, and wanted to share.

Stephanie & Drew are amazing. We started off by visiting the Starbucks they had their first date at *awww, right?*, and even got to sit at the same table they sat at. Trip down memory lane or what? It has a ton of meaning to them - so I was more than happy to start our session here. After getting a few quick shots we ventured around some awesome forests in Burlington and danced on the middle of a bridge like no one was watching. Well - some were watching. But you get the point.

“From the first day that we met, we became best friends. We can make silly noises to each other and make one another always laugh. We are always being a team!” - Stephanie

The best part? I’m shooting their wedding next year… in Punta Cana! BEYOND excited to spend the week with these two. Next year is going to be an incredible year <3

Enjoy some of my favourite shots from this day!