Danielle + Cory // Dundas Peak Proposal, Hamilton ON

There’s no way I couldn’t blog this session. I still can’t even fathom that I was able to capture such a beautiful, raw moment and call it my “job”. Everything about this was perfect from start to finish, and I’m so excited to share these with you.

Danielle had reached out to me a few months prior to set up a couples shoot for her and her boyfriend, Cory. Danielle is a photographer pal of mine and of course I took her up on it and booked a session. We planned to head up to the peak and get some cool scenery shots.

Well, Cory secretly reached out to me a few weeks before the session and told me he was planning on proposing to Danielle. My heart skipped a beat and I practically died reading his message as my heart filled with the most incredible joy.

Absolutely. Yes. Without question. Let’s make this happen.

Seeing as we were already planning on heading up to the peak, it was the most perfect spot for this to happen.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot and I met Danielle + Cory in the parking lot, and we ventured up a (very, very steep) hike to get to the peak. At this point, my mind is racing a million miles per second. “Will we have enough sunlight? Will it be too bright? Which way will the sun be facing? Will there be people in my way? Did he bring the ring? Will he remember the cue?” … amongst many other worries. But, I tried to keep my composure and make it seem like I wasn’t having heart palpitations on the other end of the camera. Hahahaha.

I told Cory beforehand that our “cue” for the proposal was when I got them to stand back to back. I started off shooting just like I would with any other session so it wouldn’t give anything away. Then, I told Danielle + Cory to stand back to back and think about the first time they met, and reflect on their relationship and how far they’ve come. I threw on a bomb playlist, and I think Kodaline’s “The One” was playing at the time of the proposal. Right? How dreamy?

Then, the rest was unscripted, unplanned, and breathtakingly beautiful beyond words.

My heart was racing, I was bawling, the random families on a hike were bawling, and amongst all the tears and joy I was just praying that no one would get too excited and fall off that damn cliff. Oh.. my nerves. Hahahaha.

But, here’s the end result.

I truly hope that anyone reading this *yes, you out there who’s planning on proposing* takes the opportunity to document these moments on camera. You’re in such a bliss that the moment turns into a giant blur, and at least you’ll have images to look back on to reflect on how you felt at that exact moment in time. It’s a really beautiful thing to document and witness.

Danielle asked me to photograph their wedding, but unfortunately I was already booked on their date. So, I will have to wait for the images and live vicariously through those. I wish I was able to celebrate alongside you on your big day.

Danielle + Cory, I wish you so much happiness and bliss on this new journey of life. It was an honour, blessing, and absolute dream to capture these for you. Thank you endlessly.


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