Erin + Luke // Surprise Proposal & Maternity Shoot // Hamilton, Ontario


There's so many beautiful things I get to experience with my job. But one thing that will never get old, is being able to document a proposal. 

The emotions are so raw. The adrenaline is high, and normally I'm keeping this secret from one half of the session and have to bring my CSI liar skills to the table (sorry Erin). Whether I'm helping the groom-to-be plan the proposal from the get-go, or they spring it on me spur of the moment during the shoot, it will never get old.

For this particular session, Luke and I tricked Erin into thinking I needed her to model for some promo shots. Erin is expecting, and has the cutest little baby bump to show it. So, I figured, with Mother's Day coming up so soon, I could use that as an excuse to get her to come to a photoshoot with me. 

I messaged Erin and asked if her and Luke would be interested in coming down to the beach strip for an hour while I got some promo shots of them for my "mother's day special" I was running. I guess you could call it a mini maternity shoot. She fell for it, and I secretly got to plan and coordinate a beautiful outfit, and beautiful location for the big question. 

This proposal was very special to me. Erin is a friend of mine from high school, and when Luke approached me and told me he wanted to propose, I basically fell off my chair. I think it's extra special when it's someone you've come to know and love over the years.

We started off getting some maternity shots, and then I pretended to grab something from my camera bag. I quickly texted Luke and said "give me about 5 minutes then go". As I continued with my shots, I told Erin to turn around as I wanted to get a shot of her dress blowing from behind (total lie). Luke stood behind her as she dazed off into the distance, and showed me his shirt that read "I TOLD YOU ONE DAY I WOULD MARRY YOU" (courtesy of Ms. to Mrs. Weddings), I took a quick photo and I yelled for Erin to turn around. There was Luke, shirt open, and down on one knee. The rest... well.. the rest you'll see below. 

Erin is going to be an unbelievable mother. She was always the "mom" of our friend group and took care of us all when we couldn't take care of ourselves. She's a nurse, and has the most compassionate heart I've ever encountered. Luke treats her like an absolute queen, and I wouldn't want to see her with anyone else but him. They really are perfect together. 

As we were walking back to the car at the end of the day, I asked Erin if she was excited to start planning a wedding. Her response? "I've already called my venue and picked a date". This is why I love Erin. Always one step ahead, hahaha!

Luke, and Erin. I am so grateful you chose me to capture this precious moment for you both. Words do no justice and my heart is overflowing with emotions. Congratulations on your engagement, and the start of your beautiful little family. Let an amazing year ahead begin.